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Lady Tech Guild and Friends at Eyebeam, with special guest Rokudenashiko

The Lady Tech Guild will be hosting a show-and-tell evening with their friends at Eyebeam.  A selection of residents and invited artist will be showing their work, after which they will hold a fireside chat about the power of women working in technology, in art and together.

Special guest Rokudenashiko will present her work and discuss her recent arrest, trial, and verdict.

Rokudenashiko (“good-for-nothing girl” or “bad girl”) is a Japanese sculptor and mangaka. She is known for her series of decorated vulva moulds, or Deco-Man, a portmanteau of “decorated” and “manko,” which is Japanese slang for vagina. The moulds have taken the shape of dioramas, kawaii characters and a kayak based on a 3D scan of her genitalia, which she dubbed the “pussy boat.” The scan led to her arrest in 2014 for alleged violation of Japanese obscenity laws.

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