Annelie Koller's Cultivate is a wetware store, the evolutionary next generation of the homeware store. The products will be displayed in a homeware store scenario that speaks of the how we might build in the future and will show products that “support” and “repair” living architectures and design.



reverse abstraction

Ashley Zelinskie's series of 3D printed sculptures are made to be viewed by humans and computers. The text that makes up the geometric forms consists of hexadecimal code, which describes the shape of the object to a non-human viewer.



Leo The Maker Prince

A children's book by Carla Diana, Leo The Maker Prince was written to teach children the fundamentals of 3D printing. All the files in the book can be downloaded and printed.



Sophie Kahn's sculptural series Prodromes was created using 3D laser scans of live models and digitally deconstructed, then output using 3D printing and waterjet metal cutting. The forms draw on the grammar of hysteria invented at the Salpetriere asylum in nineteenth-century Paris. Prodromes has been exhibited at Eyebeam Center for Art & Technology and was included in the Phillips digital art auction Paddles On!, curated by Lindsay Howard.